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Welcome to TC-IBC

TC – IBC specialises in delivering a wide range of high quality administration, coaching, training and business consultation services through our staff and extensive global business network. This ensures our clients gain the most up to date and cost effective administration, training, coaching and business advice possible. We especially enjoy, and have considerable success in, working directly with our clients whether they are individual business owners to help improve and grow their businesses or Boards looking to outsource certain business support functions.

Our services are based on what TC (Terrence Cummins), our CEO calls the “12 Keys to Success”. In 2010 whilst a Vice President of Marketing Metrics and Performance of a globally based company, he co-wrote a ground-breaking article by the same name for the company’s business magazine (circulation of 140,000). This article has inspired and guided many businesses to success, not only in that specific category, but many other businesses. It is all about good planning, monitoring performance and being able to react appropriately to changes in the market. So many of TC-IBC services focus on the basics of that article. For instance, we concentrate firstly on what the business owner(s) really wants out of the endeavour or where the individual(s) wants to head in their personal life or career.

As TC puts it, “I have never met a business person who has told me that if they were to pass away tomorrow their biggest disappointment in life would be that they didn’t spend more time in the shop, office, factory, etc. So we should start with their personal goals, where they want to end up and help them work their career and business around that”.