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Scheduled Training and Accreditation Programs










It is said that “no one should ever stop learning”. Another saying we hear so often in business is; “keep reinventing yourself”. At the end of the day, in business we cannot escape from the fact that the continuous training of our staff and indeed ourself, is a key element in our potential success. At TC-IBC we have a number of very diverse courses that target areas that have been requested by our current clients in the past. In most cases, courses can be tailored to run either at your premises, your personal choice of off-site venue.



We live in times when you and your sales team have to be on your toes more than ever and 24/7. Customers are internet smart on product features and benefits and expect superior customer service, so a bad salesperson can kill your business. The program includes; Preparing to Sell, Sales Techniques, Overcoming Objections, Closing and Follow Up. Let TC-IBC construct a sales program to train and tune your sales force from our “Sales Tool Box”.


Are you sick and tied of not having that right photo for your website update or photos to launch a new product range? Are you also sick of paying outlandish photographer fees. Join one of our photography workshops and from then on DIY. We also offer courses for those wanting to use their cameras for fun.

Working with the Queensland Diving Code of Practice

If you want assistance in confirming to the Queensland Recreational Diving, Recreational Technical Diving and Snorkelling Code of Practice 2018 our CEO has been directly involved in developing the Code since 1988.

Additionally, we can assist in the development of company ‘Operation Manuals’ to address the Code and similar strategy requirements.

Scuba Diving

Team building and staff bonding sessions could never be addressed better than to have your corporate team do a scuba diving course together. Not only is this an exciting adventure sport your individual staff member may want to continue with, it also teaches a unique form of dependence and reliance on one another for the desired outcome – that is what business and personal development is all about. Ask us about customising a scuba diving bonding session for you that fits your business schedule and staff development planning.